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I’m a teacher with a life-long interest in creativity and brain-based learning. To be useful to other educators and parents, I am gathering useful, easy-to-use activities to foster creativity on my new website. Visit Creative Teacher Librarian for selected activities and ideas to inspire and stimulate learning.

This is a new project. Over time, I will share my experiences writing, directing and producing school plays, creating videos with students, writing a collaborative book with a class, ebook publishing, making a yearbook with students and creating a podcast. Areas covered will include librarianship and media literacy, gifted education, and teaching French and English as a Second Language.

I hope Creative Teacher Librarian will be useful to educators, community leaders, parents and others who want to do fun, creative projects with young people. There is a sign up for my newsletter there. Subscribers receive exclusive content such as ready-to-go activities, resource links and book reviews. The August newsletter featured slam poetry and spoken word for the classroom.



Fun Screenplay pits kids against an evil genius — and their parents!

I’ve published my latest screenplay as an eBook. Traditional publishers typically aren’t keen to publish plays and screenplays. That’s why I’ve decided to post it myself. Perhaps it will be helpful to other teachers. I have a backlog of plays I could publish, but not before I get the Marmalade podcast up and running. For now, I want to see if others might have as much fun producing my film as I did.

Can a handful of kids defeat a cyborg army — and their parents? “The Fiendish Plot of Doctor Cyclone” is a stellar comedy of galactic proportions. When parents on a Moon base start acting funny, it is up to their kids to unravel the mystery. Is their teacher really a spy? Why are workers disappearing? And why does every clue lead to Cyclone Industries? The answers force the kids to battle a mad scientist with a heart of titanium.