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I’m a teacher with a life-long interest in creativity and brain-based learning. To be useful to other educators and parents, I am gathering useful, easy-to-use activities to foster creativity on my new website. Visit Creative Teacher Librarian for selected activities and ideas to inspire and stimulate learning.

This is a new project. Over time, I will share my experiences writing, directing and producing school plays, creating videos with students, writing a collaborative book with a class, ebook publishing, making a yearbook with students and creating a podcast. Areas covered will include librarianship and media literacy, gifted education, and teaching French and English as a Second Language.

I hope Creative Teacher Librarian will be useful to educators, community leaders, parents and others who want to do fun, creative projects with young people. There is a sign up for my newsletter there. Subscribers receive exclusive content such as ready-to-go activities, resource links and book reviews. The August newsletter featured slam poetry and spoken word for the classroom.



Podcasting Course with Seth Harwood — Why am I listening to my Marmalade?

Hey cool cats and kittens, it’s time for a new challenge. I’m going to podcast my novel, Marmalade Cat Detective. I’m taking an online Stanford course called “Get Your Story Out There,” with Seth Harwood. I will be learning how to use Audacity to edit my recording, and how to upload my episodes to iTunes. Who knows, I might even submit my story to Podiobooks if things go well. I invite you to follow my podcasting adventure as I explore the ‘how-to’ of podcasting.