I enjoy writing and producing student plays and videos so much that I plan to share the experience with others on my new blog: http://dramafun.wordpress.com/. There isn’t much there yet. I’ve been too busy creating to record the experience! So far I’ve written and produced four comic school plays with music and one student film. My play titles are:

YDoru and the Bubble House: the time travel tale of a brave heroine with a fragile immune system. She saves the world with a group of international friends, all without leaving her bedroom.

Space Brats: Like army brats, but in space, these kids steal a space shuttle and make first contact with aliens!

Invisible Aliens Stole My Gym Shorts: A high school comedy of galactic proportions. This one has an environmental message, buried deep in a screwball comedy.

Mozart’s ‘Mystic’ Flute: Mozart’s ghost reassures a frustrated teen on the eve of a difficult piano recital. When the powers of the ‘mystic’ flute are used against him, Mozart, teams up with the teen and her band to stop Salieri from stealing Mozart’s legacy for himself.

I also wrote and shot a Science Fiction comedy with my Media Club students called “The Fiendish Plot of Doctor Cyclone.” It’s really amazing what you can do with students in grades 6-8!


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